cube19 accelerates revenue growth. The award-winning, cloud-based analytics platform combines performance science and data visualization to increase team performance and efficiency for the global recruitment industry.

DaXtra Technologies is a world leading specialist in high accuracy, multilingual CV and job parsing, as well as semantic search, matching and aggregation technologies. Since 2002, DaXtra has been at the forefront of intelligent process automation solutions with machine learning capabilities, providing our clients with the competitive edge in their challenge to source the best available talent, while keeping the "cost of hire" to a minimum.

Kyloe is Bullhorn's first global system integration partner, providing all components of Professional Services and Project Delivery, including custom workflows, reports, system configuration and integrations. Led by industry and Bullhorn experts, Kyloe staff are adept in helping clients maximize their investment in Bullhorn while tailoring products and services to individual business needs and requirements.

CloudCall allows businesses to increase productivity and connections by integrating telecommunications directly into their Bullhorn Recruitment CRM. Team members reduce call handling time with Click-to-dial, and boost call efficiency with the CloudCall outbound progressive dialer and inbound screen notification; while call recordings are stored directly into Bullhorn notes.

JXT integrates Bullhorn directly into your website, which means that you do not need IT staff or technical support to use the software. There is nothing for you to do because JXT does it for you. Just communicate your software license data to JXT, and we will integrate you into our cloud-based digital platform.